Monday, 5 March 2012

Berlin, February 2012

I visited Berlin a couple of weeks ago between 22nd and 25th of February with other Fine Art uni friends which i really enjoyed, not only was it a chance to visit some art galleries not experienced before, but i got a chance to see the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag and have a wonder round some museums (with some cheeky cocktails in the evenings), making the trip productive and culturely interesting as well. There was much work from different artists which i could relate to in my own work and reflected in the work i am exploring at the moment (which i will get round to explaining soon), but here are some photos of Berlin in general for now and ill post some artists work i saw later on.

Berlin was a very stange experience, and the atmosphere in the city was, in my opinion, abnormally quiet and subdued, the mood was a little bit dispiriting unless you kept yourself busy as we all did. There were wide open spaces of grass and wasteland which you dont expect in a city, and the some of the buildings were very moody. It wasnt how i imagined it to be, and nothing like any other city i have ever been to.

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