Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Whitechapel Gallery

I actually visited The Whitechapel Gallery quite a few months ago but the subject has escaped the clutches of my blogging since then so i thought i would tell you a little bit about what i saw there. There has been a continuous exhibition running in the gallery from the 5th April 2009 until the 31st December 2012, called 'Social Sculpture', a collection of work from a multitide of sculpture based artists, my favourite being a piece of work by Tobias Rehberger, called 'Adaption 13' which was made in 2008 combining acrylic with electrical appliances to create multi-coloured columns of light which provide a 'source of beauty an illumination'. Below is the description of the work featured in the gallery:

'Frankfurt-based artist, Tobias Rehberger creates environments, sculptures, furniture and ceiling installations that are inspired by modernist art history and design classics from the 1960s and 1970s. Playful and interactive, his installations and objects are often dependent on the active participation of his audience. 'Adaption 13' is a series of lamps, which reverse the standard process of works being built from model forms. Rehberger has taken a large-scale model as the basis for his small-scale lamps. The model is the cafeteria at Suddeutsche Zeitung Verlag, Munich, for which Rehberger designed a large centrally-located block, made of different coloured acrylic panels and illuminated from behind. The brightness of the acrylic wall changes according to the information stream that runs through the building's Electronic Data Processing system, and it is this design feature which the artist has distilled for his lamp series.'

I took some photos od the work which are shown below, in some of the photos i took away the focus from the photograph so as just to portray the 'auras' of coloured light and the contrasting colours which appear beautifully in each lamp.

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