Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Work Experience, The Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, 28- 31 August 2012

I have just finished a second week of work experience working with The Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, helping to organise the upcoming solo exhibition featuring the work of Reg Cartwright, who has successfully exhibited his work several times before with the gallery. His work values the traditions of British Modernism, working primarily with still life, using familiar objects such as jugs, plates and flowers 'as a pretext for examining complex spatial relationships. His paintings are less about the objects he paints and more about achieving a balanced and pleasing composition, attaining this by flattening perspective, omitting non- essential details and focusing on tone.'
Throughout the week (28st- 31st August) i helped to display all of his work in the gallery and seeing which pieces worked well side by side. Once the exhibition was initially displayed, i professionally photographed all of his paintings for the gallery's website and editted the website with information about the exhibition to inform the public. I really enjoyed this work placement as it has given me the chance to see the amount of work involved in putting an exhibition together, both physically as well as making sure the exhibition is well publicised. The exhibition is being shown from the 1st to 23rd September 2012.


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