Monday, 13 May 2013

Volunteering at Weatherfield School, Dunstable, 05 March 2013

Apologies for not keeping this blog updated recently, however I have some experiences to share regarding some volunteering and work placements which have been both inspirational and very rewarding, one of which was a short project at Weatherfield School in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. On 05 March, a voluntary project was consummated alongside other Fine Art student friends redesigning the children's playground, which prior to the refurbishment, consisted of bare tarmac, which was very unwelcoming for the children at break times. After speaking to the head teacher about ways in which this could be improved, a decision was made to spray-paint fun designs and playground games onto the tarmac, something that would be permanent and easily engage the children.
We painted a hop-scotch, co-ordinates grid, beanbag targets, a racing track, a compass and various other fun and educational games to be enjoyed by the school. It took us the whole day but by the end of the project, the entire playground was filled with colour. It made a huge difference to the children's break-times and now they have a place they can really enjoy, which is very rewarding! Since then, we have been approached a second time by Weatherfield School, and hope to be completing a wall mural this summer.

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